Rob is going to be working on a movie coming up soon, The Kiss. Its written and directed by Remi Vaughn and produced by Three Horizons Productions.

Its about a troubled painter, on an obsessive quest for beauty and perfection, she throws herself in the path of a killer who forces her into a gruesome alliance to create her masterpiece. 

Go to Facebook and like the page, check on the progression and see the cast along with some pictures, look for The Kiss Movie. 

                   Long over due, but the "Sweet" short film is finally here. 

Rob has been working on a short film called "Sweet". The film is based off a comic book called American Vampire written by Stephen King and Scott Snyder, Artist Rafael Albuquerque. Rob was the FX artist on this film as well as an actor. Click on the link "Sweet" Short Film to watch the film, and click on the other links to see all the behind the scenes fun. The "interview" below is with the Director Cecil Laird. Hope you enjoy it,  it was a lot of fun!